Brainstorm Engine


The Brainstorm Engine is a collaborative creativity system that synthesizes user ideas into prompts and suggestions.

The Current project is:

Popular Names:
guild blood animal robot laser extreme raptor radical explosion sword rollout party knife radical demon party fancy murder pile radical raptor killing for chill

laser dinosaur raptor dog fight party animal penguin ninja robot explosion child sword might disease blood moon wolf guild group tank gun killing tight murder wire extreme moist fancy chill righteous radical awesome moody blatant pile tire razor knife rollout harp music warrior daft punk life pilot mother cub and for to with plane bike car bus machine donut witch demon excessive violence video game heavy death metal stupid brilliant club guy lady fox deer doctor alien literally just spiders games a panda monkey rap gangsta hobo wizard space rocket planet star beam coffee pirate professional photo rock chef cook martial exotic weapon florida man woman teen cosmic magic princess is grump pranks one punch hero cyborg crab lobster

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